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[wxsig] Lightning damage

Rasputin Novgorod priapulus at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 26 00:58:36 UTC 2006

My weather station is atop a 20 foot 2-1/2" steel pipe
five feet into the earth, in concrete, forming an Ufer 
ground. In addition, there is a 4 foot long, #4 guage cable
bonding the pipe to the station ground rod which earths
the station's common ground point.

What I'm really concerned about is the weather leadin-data
cable that has no protection.


P.S. I'm not really concerned about protecting against direct
lightning hits; that's what insurance is for. I'm worried 
about the much more frequent nearby hits that induce noise
into the cables, etc.

--- Gerry Creager N5JXS <gerry.creager at tamu.edu> wrote:
> More to the point, you should add a good lightning rod and serious 
> grounding cable to a goo dearth ground.  Remember that a mast
> sitting on the ground, or a tower section in concrete are not
> good grounding systems.
> gerry
> Rasputin Novgorod wrote:
> > Many of us mount our sensors on the radio tower mast
> > and I've heard that some have suffered from lightning
> > damage. I doubt there is much we can do about the AAG
> > wind sensor or outside X1W-2 board. But perhaps we could
> > protect the serial connections or 1-wire where it enters
> > the building, just as we protect our radio coaxes.
> > 
> > I might save our T238 or computer. Perhaps earthing the
> > 1-wire common and a 6v zener to clamp the data/feed line?
> > Right now everything in my shack is surge protected and
> > bonded to a common-point ground, except the weather station.
> > Thoughts or suggestions appreciated. 
> > 
> > I got thinking about this after my 1-wire to serial
> > adapter mysteriously died.

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