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[wxsig] Lightning damage

Gerry Creager N5JXS gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Sun Nov 26 15:07:52 UTC 2006

I've had less than stellar performance with Ufer grounding systems, and 
as at least one website mentiones, a ground rod is required... which you 
recognize and use.

But your explanation here makes more sense.  Polyphaser makes some 
serial and RJ-45 protection that works pretty well.  www.polyphaser.com

I also recall starting to see ads in QST and such for this sort of thing.

Nearby hits induce significant current in unprotected lines, too.  Worry 
about these as neaby strikes can cause nearly as much carnage as a 
direct hit.


Rasputin Novgorod wrote:
> My weather station is atop a 20 foot 2-1/2" steel pipe
> five feet into the earth, in concrete, forming an Ufer 
> ground. In addition, there is a 4 foot long, #4 guage cable
> bonding the pipe to the station ground rod which earths
> the station's common ground point.
> What I'm really concerned about is the weather leadin-data
> cable that has no protection.
> Sincerely
> /b
> P.S. I'm not really concerned about protecting against direct
> lightning hits; that's what insurance is for. I'm worried 
> about the much more frequent nearby hits that induce noise
> into the cables, etc.
> ------------------------------------------------------
> --- Gerry Creager N5JXS <gerry.creager at tamu.edu> wrote:
>>More to the point, you should add a good lightning rod and serious 
>>grounding cable to a goo dearth ground.  Remember that a mast
>>sitting on the ground, or a tower section in concrete are not
>>good grounding systems.
>>Rasputin Novgorod wrote:
>>>Many of us mount our sensors on the radio tower mast
>>>and I've heard that some have suffered from lightning
>>>damage. I doubt there is much we can do about the AAG
>>>wind sensor or outside X1W-2 board. But perhaps we could
>>>protect the serial connections or 1-wire where it enters
>>>the building, just as we protect our radio coaxes.
>>>I might save our T238 or computer. Perhaps earthing the
>>>1-wire common and a 6v zener to clamp the data/feed line?
>>>Right now everything in my shack is surge protected and
>>>bonded to a common-point ground, except the weather station.
>>>Thoughts or suggestions appreciated. 
>>>I got thinking about this after my 1-wire to serial
>>>adapter mysteriously died.
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