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[wxsig] Need t238 help

Bill Hosking hoskingb at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 22 20:00:13 UTC 2006

Thanks Ken!! I am back to having temp wind and rain sensors talking to me. 
Now I will play with remote sensing the humidity board before going up and 
taking it out.
Also thanks to John B for responding. I built the system originally in the 
first 1-wire production run so, in the meantime, I have lost track of all 
the utilities :-(. I have to look for them.

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From: <Ken.A.Brown at noaa.gov>
To: "TAPR Weather Station SIG Mailing List" <wxsig at lists.tapr.org>
Sent: Sunday, October 22, 2006 10:23 AM
Subject: Re: [wxsig] Need t238 help

> Bill,
> I had the same exact problem after building one of those sensors.
> It turned out to be a bad solder joint on the SMT chip on the
> humidity board.  To delete the hunidity sensor from the T-238
> you just need to disconnect ALL of your sensors (the plug on the
> back) and do the setup menu again.  Answer NO to all sensors until
> you get to humidity answer YES.  It will say no sensor found,
> remove sensor I.D.? or some such. Say YES and the humnidity will
> be gone.
> If you have the original one-wire to DB-9 comm port adapter and
> the I-Button viewer on your computer you can connect the X1W2
> sensor and view it directly.  You will need to provide +5V to the
> board to get humidity to work.  This will show the raw data as well
> as the humidity and temperature.  The data values for the humidity
> are out of the ball park and I think the T-238 gags on the invalid
> values.  I had to go back and retouch the solder connections a
> couple of times to the the board to work while being flexed and
> then it was happy on the T-238.
> Ken Brown
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Bill Hosking <hoskingb at earthlink.net>
> Date: Sunday, October 22, 2006 1:36 am
> Subject: [wxsig] Need t238 help
>> I need some advice.
>> I run an older T238 with the standard temp/wind/rain. Except for
>> recentlylosing a microprocessor (replaced with a T238A) to
>> lightning, it has been
>> running just fine since shortly after it came out. Except for the
>> PITA of
>> recalibrating, it has worked fine since replacing the
>> microprocessor chip a
>> couple of months ago.
>> I decided to run the X1W2(R2) humidity sensor so bought and
>> assembled the
>> kit. I did all the prelim checks including testing for availability
>> of 5VDC,
>> packaged the unit, and put it on the roof. Now here is what
>> happened...1. I turned the system back on and it immediately came
>> up with temp, wind,
>> and rain readings.
>> 2. I went to the sensor menu and turned on the humidity sensor, and
>> said'no' to making the temp sensor the main one.
>>    o Now it goes through the 'setting up tnc', comes up with the
>> '...wait a
>> moment' prompt and comes to a dead stop
>> 3. In the process of checking, I went to the sensor setup menu and
>> looked at
>> the temperature sensor - it is seeing both sensors and lets me
>> chose which
>> one I want. continuing on, the end result is the same - hangs at
>> '...wait a
>> moment'
>> As far as I can tell there is no way to shut off the humidity
>> sensor. Also,
>> it appears I cannot get anything from either the computer rs232
>> port or from
>> the 'debug' rs232 port.
>> Any good ideas would be appreciated!
>> Bill W7JSW
>> Scottsdale, AZ
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