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[wxsig] A little more help - or - pointer needed

Sean Lynch seanl at literati.org
Mon Oct 23 19:26:21 UTC 2006

Ailson Rosetti de Almeida wrote:
> Bill,
> A *.rar file is a compressed file of another(s) or folder(s) just like a
> *.zip is. You can uncompress with Winrar (shareware) or 7-zip (freeware,
> GPL LGPL) or several others.
> 7-zip has its own site (http://www.7-zip.org) and there you find a link to
> download at sourceforge.
> There is a little license issue (restriction) just with the rar format
> plugin (please read it in the above site), but it doesn't affect the rar
> uncompression operation.
RAR appears to be a favorite only of pirates. It's non-free (in the 
speech sense), ZIP is more widely deployed and has many independent 
implementations, many of them FLOSS, and 7zip gets better compression 
and is FLOSS. So why does anyone (other than a pirate) use RAR unless 
they are trying to intentionally inconvenience their users? I would be 
perfectly happy if this format were forever eradicated from the planet.

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