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[wxsig] APRS Weather Station

Will Beals will at beals5.com
Fri Sep 8 04:22:27 UTC 2006


I'd pester AAG before panicking.

Reason I am thinking is that the AAG "V3" weather head may be their version
two.  They considered version 1 to be the original Dallas design.  If no
answer by the weekend, I can go dig out my AAG weather head and see what it
says on the board itself.


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Hello all,
 I have completed building the X1W 1 & 2 boards  for the T238+.  Everything
appears to test out correctly to this point. I have just received the
anemometer from AAG along with a email stating they shipped a verison 3.0,
yet after connectting to the X1W2 board it shorts out the power supply. 
I've check that the JMP 3 is P  & 2 are jumper also.. built a straight pass
thru cable.
So I opened up the anemometer and the pc board is labled ver 2.0  could this
really be a version 2 or 3?  I've emailed AAG for comfirmation have yet to
receive a reply.
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