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[russ at wxqa.com: RE: [wxsig] T238+ Characters and Heat...]

John Koster w9ddd at tapr.org
Mon Sep 18 03:12:27 UTC 2006

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Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 17:57:57 -0000
Subject: RE: [wxsig] T238+ Characters and Heat...

Fw: [wxsig] T238+ Characters and Heat...Will, John,

I still receive all of the wxsig traffic, but when I send anything to wxsig at lists.tapr.org, it bounces back.  I just tried to send Will's message and, sure enough, it bounced back.  So, I'm forwarding it to John and he will see that it gets sent out to the wxsig reflector.

Enjoy your trip.

Russ  KB0TVJ

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Subject: Fw: [wxsig] T238+ Characters and Heat...


  I'm in the EU without "send acces" to personal email. If you are still on the reflector, can you please forward this on? Thanks in advance if so.


  The regulator does get hot as Mike points out below. This should be the case if the weather head is plugged in or not. Lower main supply voltage is the best "cure".

  A good experiment to try is hot plugging and unplugging the weather head. It won't hurt anything. If plugging in the head makes the LCD go from normal to black squares, the something fishy is going on. It looks like +5V is OK as the cpu is still working. The LCD also relies on a -9V supply from the MAX232 to generate the bias/contrast for the LCD. Plugging in the weather head should not affect it, but you may have a soldering error or something. Check the bias voltage before and after pligging in the head to see if this is the cause or a wild goose chase.

  It may be an obvious question, but just in case: You are plugging in the weather head into the "telephone" connector, not the serial port via the AAG-supplied adapter, right?

  Response from me is a bit slow as I'm out of the country and have only intermittent access to personal email and need a proxy to get info on the reflector. Thanks Russ!

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  Subject: [wxsig] T238+ Characters and Heat...


  Try adjusting the contrast potentiometer on the T238+ board. As you go
  through the adjustment range the blocks should become
  characters of info. As far as the 7805 5volt  1 amp regulator getting
  HOT. If you are running it on 13.8 vdc it will run hot.
  I had the same problem. I decided to run an 8 volt regulator 7808  in
  front of the 7805 to distribute the heat, between the two devices.

  Good Luck!

  Mike C.


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