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[wxsig] Kenwood D-700 and Peet Bros

ke8yn ke8yn at netzero.com
Thu Sep 21 00:33:14 UTC 2006

I haven't tried the D700 with the Peet Bros weather station, but I have
both.  I use the Peet Bros system with an old garage sale PC and run WinAPRS
through a TNC.  I would assume (I know - bad word) that you'd have to use
the D700 in its TNC mode as opposed to using the onboard APRS software.
Might be cheaper to use a 2nd (3rd, 4th, etc.) hand TNC and an old 2 meter.

In any case, running the Peet Bros for weather is a lot of fun.  When I'm
away from home (a lot) I can see what it's like in my back yard.  Although
I'm moving, I live right near an interstate in Wyoming and the weather
bureau checks stations like mine to see what the winds are near the
interstate, so it's a good public service.

Good luck & 73,

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Can a Kenwood D-700 and a Peet Bros. weather station be configured to work
with each other?
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