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[wxsig] t238 (no +)

John Bennett jabennett at insightbb.com
Sat Apr 21 14:38:38 UTC 2007


I did not post the wxsig initially because I wasn't totally convinced it
was a firmware problem. This email contains the digest of my previous
mailings to bring the wxsig up to speed.

The AAG anemometer used is "Version 3.0" (whoopee!). While I was having
the problem of keeping the T238 up for more than the 60 minute crash
cycle, I replaced the old anemometer with the new one. The old one had
been severely damaged in the electrical storm that blew the entire unit
last August. I had repaired it, but thought perhaps that some of the
serial number devices (DS2401) were flakey. Turns out, the repair was
good. To make v3.0 work with the T238 (i.e., prevent 5V from being
shorted to ground), I had to cut two traces on the AAG board. No news

Since my last email, I had to increase the length of the run by some 20'
to the anemometer. There were 10-20 degree temp errors because the
radiation shield was sitting too close to an oil-cooled HV transformer.
Probably a 70' run at this point. Error counter on the wind did not
increase (or decrease) after making the change.

The 60 minute crash since the firmware downgrade has not repeated
itself. It was after the unit was running for some time that I noticed
the wind errors - mainly because the display kept showing '---' on the
direction periodically. That prompted me to check the error counters.

I subsequently put 1.15.8 back on the unit - and it worked. However, I
put 1.14.x back on since I knew it was OK. If you would like me to try
1.15.8 again, I can reload the firmware.

The call-ssid of the unit is n4xi-9 and does show up on findu. Don't
anyone yell about the barometric pressure. It's high. I keep forgetting
to adjust for altitude since I installed the unit.


John Bennett
Evansville, IN
Amateur Radio Web: http://n4xi.home.insightbb.com
Where am I? http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/find.cgi?N4XI
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