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[wxsig] T-238+ modem2 No Text on Display

Charles Suhr charles at ccsuhr.com
Sun Apr 22 13:40:13 UTC 2007

I having a problem get text to show on the display.  I just completed build
my T-238 and Modem2.  

Working my way through the power up and testing everything was working like
a champ till I got to the point of connecting the LCD screen; I mid position
the contrast pot and had 4 rows of boxes no matter where I adjusted the pot
I got no text.

 Contrast varied from no boxes to the 4 rows of boxes.  Any Ideas? 

 I check pin to pin from t-238 to LCD module looking for a open but got good

 The Activity LED flashes just like it supposed to and voltage measurement
on U1 and U2 are fine.

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