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[wxsig] RE: t238 (no +)

John Bennett jabennett at insightbb.com
Sat Apr 28 01:23:35 UTC 2007

I'll throw in my 2-cents worth. I've had a number of people ask about
the LaCross units. Like Will says, it's proprietary. Have never seen one
and don't know what comes out of it (the serial port). Could hack the
protocol, but not confident that is legal anyway. The cheap weather
stations come and go. I've had a bunch of them over the last 15 years.
What you want is (1) reliability, (2) availability, and (3) the ability
to either fix the unit yourself and/or get replacement parts. *All* of
them wear out. Doesn't matter which weather station you get. Right now
if I were to buy a station the choices would be the TAPR/AAG combo, Peet
Ultimeter 2000 or the Davis Vantage Pro. The order is by cost. Big jump
between a T238 based station and Peet, with the Vantage Pro costing
slightly more than a fully loaded U2K. The Dallas (AAG) anemometer is
probably more durable than the rest. Bearings will go in a Peet
anemometer and UV does it's nasty work on the black plastic. I've never
owned a Davis anemometer, so can't say there. Rain gauges will crack and
split and you have to be dilligent about keeping them cleaned out.
Spiders are a real problem. It's not unusual when a tipping gauge bucket
stops working that I find one has set up housekeeping.

73, John

On Thu, 2007-04-26 at 17:51 -0600, William Beals wrote:
> Lee:
> Uh, Lacross has a lot of weather stations!  :)  I've fiddled with one and
> know it is a proprietary setup.  Not much help, but at least a data point.
> will 
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> I was about to send off for one of the TAPR wx kits when I ran across a
> LaCrosse station  for only $145.  Is there anyway to determine whether this
> station uses "One Wire" devices?
> 73 de Lee
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