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[wxsig] X1W-2 Fan

Randy n6abm at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 12 16:38:50 UTC 2007

I have a fan in my flower pot pagoda (radiation shield). It is powered 
by solar cells. I simply used a 7812 regulator to limit the voltage. The 
fan is one removed from an old computer.  I used a solar panel I had 
hanging around it is rated at about 12V 500mv. The spikes I was getting 
through the part of the day where the sun hit my shield were eliminated.

Then I bought a different station and it seems to work quite well with 
the supplied passive shield. So the home brew station is no longer on line.


Rasputin Novgorod wrote:

>The fan is installed in X1W-2 Humidty/Temperature Kit,
>but the strange thing to me is that the control for the fan 
>is located on the X1W-1 indoor barometer board, so you have
>to string more wires to connect them. 
>1) I wondered about moving the fan controller to the fan
>baord, but then I suppose you have to string extra wires
>to provide power for the fan.
>2) Instead, I was thinking of getting some photo-cells to
>power the fan. When the sun is shining and you need a fan,
>the fan would get power from the sun (photocells) and 
>start up.  I'm unsure how many cells I'd need, or about
>regulation. Any thoughts?
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