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[wxsig] wind sensor prob

John Yost k3yjp at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 16 20:26:30 UTC 2007

Tnx will,
I am using the AAG Electonica v3 weather senors. 
Modem  board not connected.

Bus voltage was 4.94, Bat volt = 8.8 from the status

Measured bus voltage varied from 4.6 to 4.94.  I
suspect that the voltage probably dropped lower but my
meter isn't fast enough to track it.

Cleaned the RJ11 and that seemed to help some, got
wind direction.

Poked around on the board and found that the voltage
at the processor (pins 23,24,25) is steady at 4.94
volts, but it was jumping around at the connector. 
Redid all the solder joints - no improvement.

Since the AAG will accept external power and the T238
can supply that power, I connected those lines.  Works
great.  Temp, wind speed and direction and error
counters are all zero!  Bus voltage still jumps around
as before.

I'm going to try putting a jumper from the processor
to R16 to see if that will improve that connect. 
Also, I need to check the actual value of R16, guess
it could be off.  Would like to see it work properly
before expanding to other sensors.



--- William Beals <will at beals5.com> wrote:

> John:
> It does smell of some kind of intermittent
> communication error of some kind.
> Firstest and easiest thing to try is check things
> out on your bench with
> nice short cables to all the sensors.  If problems
> are ony with longer
> cables, that is a unique debugging strategy.
> If the problem is on your bench, then check for
> standard stuff like dry
> solder joints on all the components associated with
> the 1-wire interface,
> including the connector.  It may not hurt to
> insert/remove the RJ11 jacks a
> dozen times in case some flux may be on the
> connectors.
> Something else to check is the 1-wire bus voltage. 
> One of the display
> screens while you are showing wx data will show the
> bus voltage.
> Additionally check the bus voltage at the T238
> connector and sensor with a
> voltmeter, if all are >4.5V life is good, if any is
> low, let us know.
> Also, if not done already, ensure minimum sensors on
> the network to see if
> it an individual sensor that may be messing with the
> 1-wire bus.
> Hope that helps, based on your answers, hopefully we
> can get an idea of
> where to head for round 2.
> will
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> Subject: [wxsig] wind sensor prob
> I just finished up the T238+.  Nice kit.
> After a couple of power on-off cycles, the temp
> sensor has become
> intermittent - works for a few cycles then just
> dashes for a couple cycles.
> The wind direction senor stopped altogether, just
> dashes for it now.
> Wind speed works great though.
> Also, sometimes it seems to take along time to
> initialize at the "in memory
> of" screen, several minutes.
> Voltages look good, heartbeat is strong.
> I know its vague info but any suggestions are
> appreciated.
> thanks
> john
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