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[wxsig] BP sensor sensivity to heat.

wn0x at earthlink.net wn0x at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 23 02:58:42 UTC 2007


I have a version 3.0 Atkin/Bray BP sensor (http://www.simat.org.uk/barometer.html). 

This is that last version with the surface mount construction.  When placed in an enclosure with a very warm 7805 (12 volts to T238+), the BP consistently reads about .10 inHG higher than it should.  After removing the back cover of the enclosure the BP returns to normal. Placing my finger on the DS2438 raises the BP reading as well.

Any ideas?  Is my DS2438 sensitive to heat?  I didn't think that the T238 considered temperature when calculating BP, even though some of the formulas I found consider temperature.


Rich wn0x/ap006

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