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[wxsig] BP sensor sensivity to heat.

wn0x at earthlink.net wn0x at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 24 00:42:51 UTC 2007


I am using the DS18S20 on the X1W board for temperature, which is place outside.


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>Subject: RE: [wxsig] BP sensor sensivity to heat.
>The routines I implemented do take temperature into account.  The formula is
>Where hmvad is the analog output, hmvcc is the sensors VCC, and hmtmp is the
>sensors temperature.
>That came straight from the datasheet.
>Having said that, I do assume that the humidity sensors temperature is the
>same as the DS2438s.  Any chance that you are heating one sensor a lot more
>than the other with the regulator?
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>Subject: [wxsig] BP sensor sensivity to heat.
>I have a version 3.0 Atkin/Bray BP sensor
>This is that last version with the surface mount construction.  When placed
>in an enclosure with a very warm 7805 (12 volts to T238+), the BP
>consistently reads about .10 inHG higher than it should.  After removing the
>back cover of the enclosure the BP returns to normal. Placing my finger on
>the DS2438 raises the BP reading as well.
>Any ideas?  Is my DS2438 sensitive to heat?  I didn't think that the T238
>considered temperature when calculating BP, even though some of the formulas
>I found consider temperature.
>Rich wn0x/ap006
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