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[wxsig] X1W-1 i-button clock

William Beals will at beals5.com
Sat Feb 24 02:18:45 UTC 2007

Rasputin, Mike, and Joe:

Rasputin: That is the correct part number, so it should have the correct ID.

Mike:  I did disable the re-reading of the clock at midnight local time, but
still do read it on power-up.

Joe: You may be right.  I set my DS1994 several years ago and do remember it
being pretty tricky to set up.  I used the windows-based TMEX tools on my PC
to program the time and there were some thing that were tricky if I remember

Rasputin:  Give the reprogramming a try, if that doesn't work let us know
and I'll see if there is some other debug stuff to try.


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The DS1994 is programmed when initialized to run for a specific period of

I wasted a few hours before I figured this out. Look in the documentation
for the 1994 and set the clock for the maximum period of time out time that
it can be programmed for. This would end up being some point at least 10
years from now. Download the info sheet on the
1994 and read it for the correct setup.

The chief function of the 1994 is to be installed in a piece of equipment
and, when a specific set time has passed, the 1994 times out and disables
the equipment until a service tech does preventative maintenance and then
resets the clock.

My 1994 has been running for over 6 months with no problems after I made the


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