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[wxsig] T238 Signal Conditioning

William Beals will at beals5.com
Thu Jan 4 05:16:01 UTC 2007


Sorry for taking a bit to respond, I had a hard drive crash (my first ever)
new years weekend, so been rebuilding my electronic life.  Backups are

The T238 is not adaptive, so I can't think of a good reason why several
minutes would make things better.  The basic signalling is all digital, so I
can't think of much to adapt to.  I am surprized to hear your results, my
personal experience and that of others on the reflector has been that Cat5
in general seems to be worse than regular telephone cord in terms of
distance to be covered reliably.  Don't argue with success though, enjoy it!


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I moved my T238 another 75 foot away from the house to the top of the barn,
trying to get clear wind from all directions.  I estimate about 150', which
is 100' farther than recommended.

I am using CAT5 and the blue/blu-white pair in the cable.  I noticed it took
several resets and several minutes before everything seemed to function

Does the T238 have more than one "sense" algorithm to improve reliability? 


I noticed AP006 (WN0X-2) is still showing inactive on mesonet.  Is there a
reliability test to pass?

Rich - WN0X

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