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[wxsig] Setting up a Davis ProVantage II and a KPC-3

Joseph Vilardo jvilardo at verizon.net
Wed Jan 10 03:10:00 UTC 2007

In order to get the WX data to the  TNC you need to have the Davis WEATHER 
LINK APRS ( Davis 6540).  It is a hardware module that plugs into the Davis 
Vantage pro II console and you will want the serial version of this module 
to interface to the KPC 3 + .  There is also a USB version if you just want 
to port data from the WX console to your PC that may not have a serial port, 
seems lots of the new PC hardware out there only have USB ports.  The Davis 
6540 WeatherLink APRS also comes with software to display wx data on your 
computer and has a configuration software tool to port data to a TNC.  After 
configuring your TNC and WeatherLink logger you can disconnect the computer 
and just have the Davis Vantage Pro send data directly to your TNC and 
radio, the TNC controls how often it is sent,  usually every 10 to 15 

With your system set up as described above you can transmit WX data over the 
APRS RF network and it will find it's way to one of the APRS internet 
servers, this assumes your station is within reach of an APRS gateway,  and 
be forwarded to the FINDU servers.  You can offer your WX data to NOAA's 
CWOP (Citizens Weather Observation Program) if you so desire 

Hope the information helps.


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Subject: [wxsig] Setting up a Davis ProVantage II and a KPC-3

>I have recently been enlisted to help a local ham with the installation and
> setup of a Davis ProVantage II WX station and a KPC-3 TNC to output 
> weather
> data on APRS. I don't know hardly anything about either one of these 
> units,
> so it's going to be real interesting when the time comes (this saturday).
> Everything I am reading suggests that there needs to be seperate software
> running on a PC instead of going to the TNC directly.
> He is just interested in using this setup for weather data only, does not
> care about anything beyond that. Will he need more than 1 comport 
> available,
> for instance, one to the TNC, and one to the WX station?
> Anyone know of a guide or have experience with these types of setups?
> tnx and 73's de N1VLV
> Stephen
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