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[wxsig] b4 I buy?

William Beals will at beals5.com
Sat Jan 13 02:47:34 UTC 2007


Rich is right on the temperature sensor.  In addition to his suggestion,
there are plans on the T238 website (http://www.beals5/com/wx) that have an
even more home-brew solution.

As to justifying the T238, another one you can throw into the computer
argument is that a computer running 24/7 probably will use up about $5/mo in
electricty alone!  I'd also hope that I can credibly claim that the T238 is
a lot more reliable than a PC too.  


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John Yost wrote:
> I'm ready to jump into this automated wx stuff.
> But, I'm a little confused as to what I need to get started. Just the 
> T-238+ and the Weather Instrument Kit.
> Or, is there more I need?  Of course, I know I need some hookup wire 
> and misc items, I'm talking about any of the other kits.
> The XYL also wondered why I would want to "buy a kit"
> instead of the pre-made sensors the aagelectronica sells.
> I told her for the fun of building it and that the
> T-238 also provides the display without the need for a computer.
> Any suggestions are really appreciated.

   The AAG Weather Instrument isn't a "kit" in the sense you appear to think
- the only thing you have to do with it is seal the edge with some silicone
and put in a few screws.

   Be warned that the temperature sensor inside the weather head is all but
useless.  Since it's totally sealed, it will report incorrect temperatures
most of the time.  For accurate temperature measurement, you will want to
get a separate temp sensor and an appropriate enclosure - there are lots of
plans for inexpensively made sensor pagodas on the web.

   For additional sensors, I recommend the ones from
http://www.hobby-boards.com/ over those from AAG.  I've bought from both
places over the years, and the Hobby Boards stuff is better constructed, in
my experience.  You can purchase most of them as either kits, or

- Rich

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