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[wxsig] Interesting mailman behavior

John Koster w9ddd at tapr.org
Sun Jul 8 14:47:40 UTC 2007

I just had to approve Leon's posting because it hit the size limit (40 
kb).  The limit is set to minimize the chance of spam getting through.

Anyhow, the size was that big because it was in html format.  Well, when 
mailman passed the message through after I authorization, it stripped the 
html.  So I think some of the formatting of the most interesting part is 
messed up.  I don't know why it would add all the white space, but it did.

Leon if you it's not a big deal perhaps you could repost the message in 
plain text format to see if the original format survives.  I know trying 
to do tables in plain text format is a bit difficult, since you run into 
problems with wordwrap set to different line lengths, and tabs being set 
to different values, but at least it should remove all the extra white 

Of course all of this varies depending on the individual's email client.  
Perhaps some of you don't see extra white space?

John, W9DDD

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