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[wxsig] Connecting T238+, X1W-1. X1W-2 and AAG, Second Attempt

William Beals will at beals5.com
Sun Jul 8 14:35:58 UTC 2007


I went through this a while back and have a working setup I can go look at
to see what I did.  I will try to get you an answer by this evening.


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Subject: [wxsig] Connecting T238+, X1W-1. X1W-2 and AAG, Second Attempt

OK, here is the message I sent earlier today.  The first message didn't 
make it because of the HTML format I used in the first (so much for 
trying the easy way...).  I hope the tables come out in reasonable 
format.  If not, I'll try again.  Original message was as follows: 

> I'm in the process of extending my initial weather staton that 
> consisted of a T-238+ and an AAG weather station by adding the X1W-1 
> and X1W-2 and am having problems getting the system to work when the 
> components are hooked together.  Here's my current situation:
> 1.  My T238+ and AAG WX station work well together:  I've had the 
> station up and running - data have been seen on findu.
> 2.  I have completed assembly of the X1W-1 and it checks out OK using 
> tstfind.
> 3.  I have attached the AAG WX station to thw X1W-1 and the sensors 
> are found when tested using tstfind and other utilities.
> 4.  I have double checked the 1 wire cables I have made to ensure 
> straight through and have good continuity
> When I connect the T238+, X1W-1 and AAG together I either get bus 
> shorts to ground, or the T238+ doesn't start when it is plugged in 
> depending on configuration.  I have looked through the wxsig archives 
> and seen references to the need to cut some traces on the AAG unit in 
> order to make it all work, but haven't found clear direction on which 
> traces to actually cut.
> In trying to figure this out I've looked at the schematics of all 4 
> units and have come up with the following tables that describe the 
> connections assigned to the various pins on RJ11 jacks.  I've put 
> together 2 tables shown below that show the pin outs on the 1 wire bus 
> for the four components used in the system.  One table shows the 
> situation where P17 and JMP3 jumpers are placed across P and 2, and 
> the other situation where the jumpers areplaced across P and 1.
> Situation 1
>             Pin 
> Number**                                                   Device
> *6 Pin RJ 11*   *4 Pin RJ 11*   *T-238+*    *X1W-1*    *X1W-2*    *AAG*
>             1                   
>             2                    1                gnd             +5V 
>             +5V             Vcc
>             3                    2                Bus              
> Bus               Bus             Bus
>             4                    3                gnd              
> gnd                gnd             gnd
>             5                    4                +5V                
>                                     gnd
>             6
> X1W-1 P17 jumper connect pins P and 2
> X1W-2 JMP3 jumper connect pins P and 2
> Situation 2
>                 Pin Number                                             
>                 Device
>   *6 Pin RJ 11*     *4 Pin RJ 11*   *T-238+*   *X1W-1*     *X1W-2*    
> *AAG*

            2                           1                  gnd         
            3                           2                  Bus         
      Bus               Bus            Bus
            4                           3                  gnd         
      gnd                gnd            gnd
            5                           4                  +5V         
    +5V              +5V            gnd

X1W-1 P17 jumper connect pins  P and 1
X1W-2 P JMP3 jumper connect pins P and 1

It's dangerous for a guy like me to be reading schematics because if 
there ever was an amateur looking at this stuff, it's me...  So I'd 
appreciate those of you who really know something about this to please 
check my work.  I used the schematics on the TAPR website for the T238+ 
and X1W units, and a schematic found on the AAG website for the pin-outs 
on the AAG WX station (aag schematic: 
http://www.aagelectronica.com/aag/en-us/p_1.html) .

Assuming that these tables are correct, then it seems to me the best way 
for me to connect all four units together is to do the following:

1.  Place jumpers on P17 and JMP3 across pins P and 1 as this will make 
the bus wiring for the T238+ and X1W units the same.
2.  Connect the T238 to the X1W-1 using a straight through 4 lead cable.
3.  Connect the X1W-2 to the X1W-1 using a straight through 4 lead cable.
4.  Connect the AAG WX station to the X1W-2 using a cable that crosses 
leads 1 and 4 so that +5 V from pin 4 of the X1W-2 will be directed to 
pin 1 of the AAG wx station.

Does this make sense?  If not, does anyone have an alternative 
Thanks for the help.



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