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[wxsig] Connecting T-238+, X1W-1, X1W-2 and AAG

Leon Bruner leon at ljjf.net
Tue Jul 10 02:21:10 UTC 2007

I have done some additional experimenting with my wx station components 
and and think I have it working.  This it is set up: 

 1.  Placed jumpers across pins P and 1 on P17 (X1W-1) and JMP3 (X1W-2) so that the lines are consistent on the RJ11s
 across the T238, X1W-1 and X2W-2.

 2.  Connected the X1W-1 to the T238 using a straight through 4 lead cable.

 3.  Connected the X1W-2 to the X1W-1 using a straight through 4 lead cable.

 4.  Connected the AAG WX station to the X1W-2 using a cable that crosses leads 1 and 4 so that +5 V 
from pin 4 of the X1W-2 is directed to pin 1 of the AAG wx station.

Using this configuration the X1W-1 and X1W-2 show all sensors when 
tested using tstfind. 
When the T238 is attached to this system it not only boots, it also now 
reads data from all sensors on both X1W- devices.

I still need to do some additional testing to verify it works properly 
but I think I have it sorted.

Thanks to all for the help-



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