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[wxsig] Connecting T-238+, X1W-1, X1W-2 and AAG

Leon Bruner leon at ljjf.net
Tue Jul 10 11:48:49 UTC 2007


The original set up that was causing me problems had jumper on the X1W-1 
set across P and 2.  I used this setting because I was following down 
the path of using the AAG unit with the system.  I was also using 
straight through cables between the T238, X1W-1 and AAG. 

I didn't test the X1W-2 in the setup just described since I didn't 
complete the kit until this past weekend. 

After looking at the schematics and creating the tables I circulated a 
few days ago I decided to try switching the P17 jumper on the X1W-1 such 
that P and 1 were shorted and crossed the cable going to the AAG.  When 
that worked I decided to wire JMP3 on the X1W-2 so that the wire runs 
between P and 1.  So far the configuration seems to work. 

 From the comment above you'll know that I have rev2 of the X1W2. 

For what it's worth, I think adding the jumpers was a good idea- we just 
need to make sure we know how the RJ11s across the different units are 



John Bennett wrote:

>What you have done is exactly what the jumpers do on the X1W-1 and
>X1W-2. Did you try the alternate jumper settings before you did the
>flip-flop with the cable? Also, do you have the rev 2 board for the
>X1W-2? the rev 1 board did *not* have the jumpers to handle the AAG
>"Version 3.0".
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