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[wxsig] X1W-2 Problem

Leon Bruner leon at ljjf.net
Sat Jun 9 16:09:31 UTC 2007


I recently received both X1W-1 and X1W-2 kits to add to our completed 
T238+ weather station.  My son and I have completed the X1W-1 without 
the EMP or rain gauge as our intial plan was to install the rain gauge 
and EMP components onto the X1W-2 outside board.

This morning we started work on the X1W-2 we got as far as soldering the 
DS2438 onto the board as described in the Surface Mount Devise 
Installation section of the manual.  After soldering the DS2348 we 
realized we failed to notice that the board we received in our kit 
appears to be a rev 1 board rather than the rev 2 board.  Part of our 
confusion came from the fact that the photo link, 
http://www.tapr.org/~n4xi/x1w-2v2/smd-place.jpg, on the to the Install 
SMD pages of the manual (http://www.tapr.org/~n4xi/x1w-2v2/) shows the 
old board rather than the rev 2 board as is shown in subsequent photos 
and drawings. 

So the question we have is how to proceed?  It seems we have two ways to 
go.  First would be to stop here and request the updated board and a new 
DS2438 from TAPR.  The second option would be to proceed with assembly 
of the X1W-2 using the rev 1 board.  If we go option 2 we would also 
need to install the rain gauge and EMP components onto the X1W-1.  With 
regard to the second option the following questions come to mind:  Are 
the instructions found in the manual found on the TAPR website 
(http://www.tapr.org/~n4xi/x1w-2v2/) suitable for assembly of the rev1 
board?, and do we have the correct components for assembly of the rev 1 

I'd appreciate hearing your thoughts on the best way to go.  On the 
onehand we'd like to use this rainy weekend to make progress on our 
station.  On the otherhand, if there is significant advantage to having 
the rev 2 board we'll  work on getting the correct board.

Thanks for your help- we appreciate it.

Leon and Jacob

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