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[wxsig] TCM3105 with 908GP32 for poor fisherman at the pasific

huys cobb huys_cobbs at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 13 08:18:46 UTC 2007

Thank's all

After studied in 3 months and get advice from Will Beals
Finally,I could modified interface between TCM3105NL and
MC908GP32 uC,Just like Tapr team(PIC-e) which using SPI to MX614.

TCM3105 must using IC MAX3100(which translate between SPI to TxRx).

I just faced problem on how to built homemade T238+ PCB plate.
Is there who had built homemade T238+ Plate? or had picture of
T238+ PCB with track,note with track.
hopefully With 1 layer only.

Thank's all
Huys Cobbs
Horison Komunikasi Foundation

I had sent some mail before,unfortunedly always get time exceded.
then I renew my mailing list.
At the attachment,my plan on how to using T238+.

The system tried to help fisherman out of misery.
(here almost 95% fisherman was poor persons)

my project look like at the attachment

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