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[wxsig] Sensors -- opinions please?

William Beals will at beals5.com
Fri Mar 2 04:48:27 UTC 2007


I'll throw in my two cents, but lots of experts on the sensor side out

1) If the T238+ is going to be in a small box, try really hard not to feed
it much above 12V.  I chose a cheap linear regulator that does get pretty
hot if you are driving the LCD backlight.  Alternately, put the backlight
power on a switch and you will be fine.

2) In terms of which sensors, I suspect that depends on what may be of
interest to the folk you are supplying data for.  The AAG wind
direction/speed/temperature is pretty much a baseline instrument.  The X1W-1
and X1W-2 do a very good job of filling out your other sensor needs.  Make
queries before you get other sensors from AAG.  I found out recently that
they recently changed the internal electronics of the TAI8750 humidity and
BP sensor so that it is no longer "understood" by the T238+.

3) If power is going to be interrupted frequently, I'd also suggest the
DS1994 time ibutton so that the T238 can get the time every power-up instead
of you having to set it.

Sounds fun!  Please post pictures when you can.  Hope that answers at least
some questions.


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I am new to the group and am currently building up my T238+. I have no
sensors and would like some input from the group. I'm planning on setting up
the system as a portable weather station for ARES use. So, it will all go
into a plastic box and will have to be unpacked and set up on site. I have a
mast and tripod to use to get any instruments up above ground effect if

So, there are wind vel and direction and temperature in the "standard"
kit, there are humidity sensors, rain gauges, etc.

Let me know, if you will, what a good combination might be for portable use.

--Paul, wa0rse
Dakota Cty, MN
wa0rse at gmail.com

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