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[wxsig] Sensors, Part II

Paul Beckmann-wa0rse wa0rse at gmail.com
Sun Mar 4 01:27:51 UTC 2007

I am new to the T238+ and have an AAS instrument kit coming. From
reading the messages here and on some of the websites, I figured out

1. the temperature sensor in the AAS runs hot in the sun
2. some of the sensors AAS sells don't talk to the T238+
3. The X1W-1 and -2 from TAPR are good ways to go for adding additional sensors
4. iButton RTC is a good idea for portable use.
5. Temp and humidity should be at about 5 ft in a shield enclosure,
preferably with a fan ala the X1W-2.

wo0w (Red) forwarded the CWOP guide to me for late-night reading.


1. how do all of you using iButtons typically interface them with the
1-wire system? Dallas has many "dongles" available.

2. do any of you have block diagrams or pictures of your more
fully-fleshed out wx stations using X1W-1 or -2 with the T238 or

3. there seem to be many options for additional sensors (rain gauge,
for example) in the X1W-2 but no mention of what works and how to
mount one.

Any help?

--Paul, wa0rse
Dakota Cty, MN
wa0rse at gmail.com

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