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[wxsig] rain gauge

Dennis Recla DRecla at metone.com
Mon Mar 5 18:02:35 UTC 2007

Most of the common electric output rain gauges both commercial and the home
market provide a contact closure for each increment of rain measured.  This
is typically 0.01 inch of rain.  Each 0.01" of rain provides a contact
closure sent to the recording system or even an electronic counter module.

Note:  All Electronics has some kits that are a radio transmitter and
receiver to go between a rain gauge and receiver device.  I'm still playing
with it, was less than $10.00.

A higher quality rain gauge than the typical Black or Green ones supplied in
the home market, was the Texas Electronics 6" catch TE-525 but they run
about $325.00 each. Or the Met One Instruments, 370 with an 8" catch for
only $572.00.

Note2: If you use one of the low cost gauges, try to take a look inside.  If
it has a dual compartment tipping bucket mechanism this is the best, as each
side fills it tips and causes a contact closure.  Some of the single spoon
type work reasonably well, but the two compartment is best.  There are also
some that use a cork and plug that when the water fills the resovoir to .01"
equivalent the cork lifts up and drains water out, it then resets to fill
again.  They work, but require continuous checks on the cork, sometimes if
in a an area with low rainfall, the corks dry and shrivel up and fail to
work correctly.  I would try to avoid this type of gauge.

Dennis Recla Wa5KTC
Senior Systems Engineer
Met One Instruments, Inc

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> Add a rain gauge

I have noticed that places like Walmart frequently sell
weather stations (complete with rain gauge) very cheaply;
indeed, cheaper than we can buy the rain gauge separately.

I wondered about buying on of these weather stations and
robbing the rain gauge for my system. The rest could be
given away as a Xmas present or something...

Anyone have experience with these; compatibility?


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