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[wxsig] Radio Interference Question

Leon Bruner leon at ljjf.net
Thu May 17 00:47:35 UTC 2007


Tonight I sat down with a glass of my favorite and a handleld radio and 
kept an eye on the unit for a reasonable period of time.  I have 
verified that the red PTT LED goes on approx every 5 minutes and it keys 
the transmitter.  The signal from the keyed transmitter is received on 
the handheld.  However, there does not appear to be any audio output 
associated with the transmission.  Said another way, the radio is keyed, 
a signal is transmitted but there appears to be no information going 
out.  The transmission is very short- only a second or so...  So it 
appears that I have an audio problem...  I'll have a look through the 
manuals tonight to see if I can identify a solution.  In the meantime, I 
thank you for the help and hope you're having a great time in Dayton.


John Koster wrote:

>I don't see any choices for TX frequency.  So I guess we're stuck with 5 
>minutes.  Need a clever way to 'capture' the event.  
>At this time we really don't know whether its' a PTT problem or an audio 
>problem.  If you have a receiver and audio recorder perhaps you could 
>record the audio on the frequency over a period of time and see what you 
>might hear.  I assume you've checked the radio with  microphone to be sure 
>it's not developed a problem over the years.  You'd want the monitoring 
>receiver to have a poor or no antenna so you don't pick up other signals.
>I am a little puzzled by the low voltage reading.  If I didn't read the 
>schematic wrong the reading is from collector to ground of the PTT 
>transistor.  It should be 5 unless you have a real low impedance 
>voltmeter.  Of course that also depends on you having a solid +5 VDC rail.
>I'm leaving in the morning for Hamvention, so I'll probably not be reading 
>my email very frequently.
>On Tue, 15 May 2007, Leon Bruner wrote:

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