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[wxsig] Hobby Boards Barometer

Gerry Creager gerry.creager at tamu.edu
Thu Apr 10 04:16:10 UTC 2008

I'll have to get some sleep, then check but I think the APRS spec, and 
therefore FindU, resolve to 1 mB.

More's the pity.


Dave Barton wrote:
> I am puzzled by something.  I recently bought and hooked up a Hobby 
> Boards barometer (B1-R1-K) and it seems to be working OK.  One thing I 
> am seeing is that the barometric pressures reported by FINDU almost 
> always have a .0 for a decimal millibar value.  In other words, 1016.0, 
> 1017.0, 1018.0.  I have occasionally seen xxxx.1 or xxxx.2, but never 
> xxxx.3 through xxxx.9.  My FINDU plots (AI4GF-4) have a very jumpy 
> barometer chart.  The barometer is supposed to have a resolution of 
> 0.007 in.Hg.
> I looked at the raw packets and the anomaly is reflected in the raw 
> packet.   I have the latest firmware, 1.15.8R.
> I saw a suggested mod of a resistor in parallel with R1 but have not 
> done that because I don't quite understand the mod.  Could this problem 
> somehow be related to not having done the mod?
> 73, Dave
> Tallahassee, FL
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