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[wxsig] Array of X1W-4 sensors to detrime direction and distance ?

Stanley Reynolds stanley_reynolds at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 13 16:04:20 UTC 2008

Found a some info on the storm scope it may have had some type of digital computer circa 1980, but the distance was inferred by the magnitude of the signal, this is not very precise but still an improvement over just detecting. An analog to digital converter for the computer, plus a mod to the detector to make it non linear amplifier with a less responsive gain with stronger signals, maybe a measured AGC, this would prevent saturation or allow measurement of amplitude over a reasonable scale. No way to directly measure EMP for close strikes and still stay simple :-)

So three sensors as is for DF looking at the phase difference, plus a modded sensor that supplies two values of strength as a coarse and fine level or decade number and level. Several sensors with different trip levels could be used to measure without the computer analog to digital converter or with it for even more info.

The measured length of the pulse from a un-modded sensor could be related to the strength ? Maybe some capacitance after the detector to lengthen the pulse on stronger strikes. 

Back to the flying analogy you can measure fuel level with a ruler directly before taking off but in the air the fuel gages are just indicators not to be trusted too much. My goal would be to make maximum use of the data available without complicating the system too much. To know the direction of movement and some info as to range without precision would be good for the days when storms are all around but we would want to know when they are headed our way.

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