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[wxsig] data string format

Mark Patton k0yg at msn.com
Fri Jan 11 15:09:26 UTC 2008

Sorry the links didn't come through correctly the first time.
The operations manual is here: 
The latest firmware with instructions on how to load it are here:  

Mark Patton wrote:
> Dave,
> Congratulations on completing your T238+.  I may be able to provide 
> some information.
> The data string you are getting is the format that would be 
> transmitted through the modem on APRS.  The "_" character is correct 
> and is the APRS symbol for a weather station.  The "..." is where the 
> wind direction should be.  The status string starting with "01" is 
> broken down 2 digits at a time.  The "80" in the status string is the 
> error count from the wind direction sensor.  The data on how to read 
> this string is in the T238+ operations manual on page 8.  This should 
> be zero after power up so there is some sort of problem with the wind 
> direction indicator, or a configuration issue.  Make sure you have the 
> latest software loaded before you debug any further. The kits are not 
> shipped with the latest software programmed into the processor.   I 
> seem to recall that updating my software helped resolve several issues 
> I was having like this.
> The operations manual is here: http://www.beals5.com/wx/
> The latest firmware with instructions on how to load it are here: 
> http://www.beals5.com/wx/
> Good luck!
> Mark
> Dave Barton wrote:
>> I built a T238+ but am not getting any packets sent out on my radio.  I
>> wasn't getting anything with the modem, so I decided to use a KPC 3+ TNC
>> that I have been using.  That isn't working either.
>> In order to troubleshoot, I am feeding the output from the DB9 to my 
>> PC and
>> am using Hyperterm to capture the messages.  According to the operations
>> manual, the format of the data in either TNC-DIR or TNC-LTP mode 
>> should be
>> _MMDDHHMMcxxxsxxxgxxxtxxxPxxxrxxxhxxbxxxxxe1w, but I am getting
>> @101249z3027.65N/08410.73W_.../000g000t062e1w 00010F04
>> @101254z3027.65N/08410.73W_.../000g000t062e1w
>> @101259z3027.65N/08410.73W_.../000g000t062e1w
>> @101304z3027.65N/08410.73W_.../000g000t062e1w 010000800000FE80
>> which looks like month,hour, minute Zulu, latitude, longitude, THEN the
>> underscore, ... for missing barometric pressure(?), windws, gusts, 
>> and temp,
>> e1w (platform) and some debug strings.  Have I entered something 
>> incorrectly
>> in the setup that is garbling the output string?
>> I don't know why the data is in the wrong format and I don't know how to
>> decode the debug strings.
>> The search function in the TAPR archives doesn't work for me, so 
>> other than
>> browsing month by month, I can't find any help.
>> thanks for any suggestions!  I am having fun with the T238+ even without
>> transmitting...
>> Dave
>> AI4GF
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