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[wxsig] DS1994L

charlie cemick at valkyrie.net
Fri Jan 25 03:10:02 UTC 2008

Thanks for the reply Dave.

 I ended up with the DS1904L-F5# the first time when they would not price
the DS1994L to me. After installing the software on the laptop it showed up
and accepted the Time and date fine. Thought I was home free. 

 After the 238+ powered up the clock was not reset to proper time and date,
so I have been looking through the 1904 and 1994 data sheets and they looked
almost the same.  I am glad to hear from You it should be working.


 Rechecked the DS1904L-F5# on the laptop the date and time were ok, seems to
be functioning. So it must be something I missed on the setup of the button.


 Going to read the manual again in case I am missing something. Seems like a
2 year old should be able to install it, might be my problem. 




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