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[wxsig] DS 1994L real time clock

charlie cemick at valkyrie.net
Fri Jan 25 14:46:31 UTC 2008

The numbers I gave are right and the Ds1904-F5 Maxim suggested (in the fine
print) does have to be addressed in the application software. Right apple
wrong type.  

 So far it looks as Maxim is ending the DS1994L series and the day will
arrive when no more are available. Fortunately doing a search I found the
DS1994L  required from a different supplier, New Old Stock.


Looking at the software ( I am not a Programmer)  if the supply dries up
completely, a few changes and We would be back in Business anyway.  Been
using the T 238+ for quite a while and it does just as good as the higher
priced commercial one's.  









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