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[wxsig] APRS Weather Station and Digi Question

William Beals will at beals5.com
Sat Jan 26 15:00:46 UTC 2008


I do have a KPC3+ manual buried somewhere, but am quite sure you can turn
off digitpeater functions.  Back in the "olden days" with the T238 (no +) I
used a T238 as the interface to the radio and did not have any digipeater
functions turned on.  

That manual is tough to find things in, the few times I've needed to do
something my only option is to do a linear scan of every command to finally
find the one I am looking for.  Lemme know if you can't find yours and I'll
start looking for mine.


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We operate an APRS weather station in Campo, Ca and we believe we have it
setup as a DIGI too, but we get few to none repeated aprs transmissions.  Is
there something that would keep one station from being both a weather
station and a digi?

We are using a Kantronics KPC 3+, at TAPR T-238+ Modem 2, N4XI XI W2-2 and
eventually the X1W-1 once it gets built.  

We would also like to get a good rain guage the one we have is horrible,
anyone have one of the Dallas ones laying around they would part with?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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