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[wxsig] compatibility with ultrasonic sensor

Jay moyer moyer_farm at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jul 12 14:28:00 UTC 2008

Would the T238 be adaptable to an ultrasonic sensor such as the ones sold on this page ?http://www.maxbotix.com/

A local kayak/canoe club is interested in placing an APRS station on a local creek to measure water levels and temp.  The station 
will be mounted on a bridge and the ultrasonic sensor suspended underneath to measure the distance to the water.  I suppose that a 
program will have to be created to mathmatically figure the water level from the distance from the bridge to the suface.  Also can 
the 238+ be programmed for sleep modes?  Such as wake up, power up the sensor and transmitter for 30 seconds each hour during 
daylight and every other hour at night and then power down?  It would help conserve power thus enabling smaller battery packs as the 
proposed location is in deep valleys that makes solar power unrealiable.  Thanks 

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