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[wxsig] Crashing and random characters

Guy Story KC5GOI kc5goi at gmail.com
Tue Jul 22 01:09:42 UTC 2008

I wanted to let the list know what I have found out and it took some 
patience.  I took advantage of the fact that the only difference between 
the older kits I have been using and the newer kit was the circuit 
board.  It reduced the variables.  I have had faith in the code that has 
been released so I started there.  Since the microprocessors are the 
same throughout the projects life span, I took a microprocessor that has 
been running for multiple years and flashed it to the Wills most current 
version and placed that on an older board.  One week later I still had 
the heart beat.  That ruled out sensors, cabling, code, older board (I 
could duplicate the crashing problem on the newer processor on the older 
board) and pointed to the processor.

I then swapped the processor to the current circuit boards, everything 
else the same.  Ten days later I still have the heart beat and readings. 

I am not sure how soon I can get it back in service but W5NGU-3 will 
soon start to give wx data from 300ft again. 

There is one fatality, the baro sensor is not reverse polarity 
protected.  I am sure that is already known but just encase someone sees 
this post and does not know it, I am putting it in.



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