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[wxsig] Crashing and random characters

Guy Story KC5GOI kc5goi at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 22:36:37 UTC 2008

John Koster wrote:
> Would there be useable date codes on the MCU chips.  Tracking those 
> against problems might be helpful.  
> On Mon, 21 Jul 2008, William Beals wrote:
>> Guy (and all):
>> Let me digest this for a bit.  While I don't know of it, there is a chance I
>> do have something on the edge from a timing or voltage level standpoint that
>> is going over the edge on the newer chips.
>> will
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>> John Koster wrote:
>>> So am I drawing the right conclusion?  The processor chip from the T238+
>>> kit was bad?
>> Wow. A bad MCU is not unheard of, but not in the quantity this would 
>> indicate. I wonder if Motorola, in their infinite wisdom, changed some 
>> of the timing parameters on writing to the EEPROM in a revision of the 
>> chip. Might be worth looking into. I would sooner think that than a bad 
>> bunch of MCUs.
>> John
>> n4xi
John, that is my diagnosis.  In response to the info you requested.

Suspect chip:
Had sticker "1.15.3 or later TAPR t238"

MC68HC908GP32CP 3K08SCTQJ0433

Working chip:
Had sticker "N0XGA WxSta Ver 1.11.1"

Same processor 3J20XCTAJ0003

John, John, and Will, depending on who whats it, I can send whom ever 
wants it.


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