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[wxsig] Crashing and random characters

William Beals will at beals5.com
Mon Jun 30 04:19:46 UTC 2008


Ouch, that doesn't sound good.  It also doesn't sound familiar

You definitely want the 1.15.8 firmware, it is a lot better and more stable
than 1.15.4.

Any chance the voltage regulator is overheating?  It can happen reliably if
your incoming supply is much over 12V and your backlight is on.  For a
lightly loaded and unregulated wall wart, that voltage can easily get up to
14 or more volts.  The regulator handles it for a while, but then starts
going into thermal shutdown which isn't a graceful on/off shutdown.


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Hello everyone, I have been running an original t238 for the Denton 
County ARC until recently.  I have a T238+ that I am wanting to place in 
service at the W5NGU-3 digi site to replace the T238 we currently have.  
I have the AAG wind instrument, baro, humidity and a Dallas 
Semiconductor rain gauge.  I have upgraded to 1.15.8 firmware on the 
T238+.  I did this to replace the 1.15.4 that was on it originally.  It 
was having the same issue.  After a few hours the heartbeat indicator 
stops and the display places question marks and left pointing arrows on 
the bulk of the screen.  Has anyone seen this?  As of tonight I am 
unable to search the SIG archives (I understand that TAPR had hardware 
issues recently).

Thanks and 73

Guy Story KC5GOI

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