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[wxsig] Using T238+ with Peet Bros Ultimeter 2000

William Beals will at beals5.com
Wed Mar 5 04:29:22 UTC 2008


Uh, I am not sure you can do what you are wanting to do.

The T238+ is intended to be a stand-alone weather station, getting its data
directly from sensors and then sending that out as audio tones to a radio.
It is not set up to accept data from other weather stations.  It does have a
"Peet mode" that sends data out the UART in a format compatible with Peet
weather stations, It is only an output though. 

Sorry to be bearer of bad news.  Is there some information somewhere that
implied the T238+ accepts data from other weather stations?


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Subject: [wxsig] Using T238+ with Peet Bros Ultimeter 2000

I purchased a T238+ modem to work with my Ultimeter 2000 with the plan to
build an APRS weather station.  I have the T238+ working with a Dallas
temperature sensor, but would like to run Ultimeter 2000 data.  


Does anyone have a description on how to connect the output from the
Ultimeter 2000 display output (RJ11 connector) to the T238+?





Michael Dzado

m.dzado at mchsi.com


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