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[wxsig] Using T238+ with LaCrosse Technology Wx Station

Lee Mairs (SAG) lmairs at sagcorp.com
Thu Mar 6 02:44:45 UTC 2008

Hell Will. $7.20 per month is cheap for the good feeling it gives me 
to be able to go over to the laptop once a day to see how cold it got 
last night!

The LaCrosse Technology station definitely must have a serial format 
since all the data from sensors goes to a small display device which 
can be hooked into a serial port on an old laptop running their Heavy 
Weather program that came with the system ($129 for the whole 
shooting match!).

When I did the comparison, the Peet Bros. equivalent (qwuality aside 
for a moment) would have cost about $700 vs. $130 for the LaCrosse 
Technology system available on Amazon.com

Somebody must know the format, or some guys interested in bit banging 
should be able to figure it out.  I guess some more research is needed.

Thanks for the reply!

73 de Lee

William Beals wrote:
> Lee:
> I couldn't afford any of those high-dollar weather stations either!
> Unfortunately, the problem you are having is the same I had.  Outside the
> Peet and Davis solutions, there are no real standard ways of getting data
> from those devices to something that could then reformat the data to
> APRS-ese.  It was that conundrum that finally convinced me to start the T238
> project.  The Peet format for weather data is part of the APRS spec, so if
> you ever could find one cheap, all you'd need is a TNC and radio.
> I must confess to have not been keeping up with other weather stations once
> I started the T238.  Does the LaCrosse weather station have some kind of
> serial output that sends the data out in a known/published format?  If so,
> then there may be hope of a PC-based converter program available somewhere.
> If not, then you may be pretty stuck.
> BTW, one minor point I do like to bring up.  Having a PC on 24/7 to do any
> of your weather data processing is pretty expensive.  At least here in
> Colorado where electricity is 10 cents per KWH, a 100W PC being left on 24/7
> costs about $7.20 a month.  That adds up pretty quick!  At least, that is
> how I justified some of the hardware cost to my wife--"Honey, I'm *saving*
> money with this project!!" :)
> will
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> Will -
> I couldn't afford one of the hight dollar Peet Bros or Davis 
> Instrument stations - especially after finding a LaCrosse Technology 
> station on Amazon.com that provides wind speed/direction, indoor and 
> out door temperature, rain fall and humidity plus the dew point and 
> wind chill temperatures for only $135.
> Can you recommend an APRS interface for this station?  I was hoping 
> to build a T238+ to interface to the LaCrosse sensors, but now 
> realize that it is probably impossible/impractical.
> 73 de Lee
> KM4YY/8
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