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[wxsig] Transmit problem with T-238+ Modem

Michael Dzado m.dzado at mchsi.com
Wed Oct 8 01:27:52 UTC 2008



I built the T-238+ Kit with Modem and have it connected to my one wire wx
system.  Basically, everything appears to be working, but I am not seeing
data on the FindU site and do not receive APRS WX data on my Kenwood
TH-D7A(G) handheld.


I have tried transmitting through a TH-K2 and TH-D7A(G).   I can hear the
packet go out and received on my radios, but do not see the data.  I can see
the waveform on a scope.  The amplitude set almost full on the tx output.


I have the UART/Display options set for 5-min avg (modem)


I have the Position String and Modem Setup set

4202.877N 9134.466W

MyCall Sign AC0HB - 1

Repeater 1 AC0HB - 1

Repeater 2 AC0HB-1


Not sure what the correct settings should be or whether they have an effect
on this problem.  It appears that the data string is not set correctly, but
I don't know how to verify it.


Any suggestions?



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