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[wxsig] Transmit problem with T-238+ Modem

Michael Dzado m.dzado at mchsi.com
Tue Oct 14 01:45:15 UTC 2008

Hi Will

Thank you for your reply.  

I tried my Kenwood TH-D7A(G) using its internal TNC and a GPS from the same
physical location and antenna.  It gets to the IGate and my data shows up on
FindU.  It was suggested to me that I may not have signal level on the modem
audio output set properly.  Do you have any suggestions on how to measure

I have several questions: 
Is the baud rate in modem mode set at 1200 or is it selectable?  If its
selectable, how do I set it to 1200?

The GPS coordinates are 4202.877N 9134.466W.  I wasn't able to set a decimal
between 42 and 02 or 91 and 34.  It took 4 digits as an input.  Should the
input be 0042.05N and 91.57W?  

Can you send me the link for 1.16.0?  I only found 1.15.8 online.

I appreciate your help.  It's a great learning experience for me.  

Thank you

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You may be having two different problems.  

All of the Kenwood radios with TNCs built-in will only display data if the
source ID begins with AP.  I found this out pretty (OK, VERY) late in the
process, so you need firmware rev 1.15.8 or 1.16.0.  Starting with 1.15.8, I
changed my source ID from WX1W to AP1WWX for that compatibility issue.  That
shouldn't affect you showing up on FindU though.

For FindU, I have a couple leading questions that may help isolate the
issue: 1) Do you have any independent confirmation that you can get to an
Igate from your location?  That is, just confirming that it is a T238+
issue, not something else?  2) It may be a typo, but the coordinates you
show below are missing a decimal point.  3) I am actually not sure what
happens if you specify your own call-sign and same SSID as a repeater
callsign.  You'd essentially be telling the radio initiating the
transmission to listen for it and send it again.  The T238 will certainly
not do that!  What you need to do is look at other stations in your area on
FindU and look at the raw data for those stations.  From those you can get
hints as to what they are using for the repeaters to get to the Igate.  The
other method is a judicious choice of WIDEn-n for the repeater ID, but for
that do consult a local expert, that can lead to a lot of clogging of the
airwaves.  Lastly, you maybe within earshot of an Igate, in which case you
would not need any repeaters.

Hope that helps or at least gets you started in the right direction.


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Subject: [wxsig] Transmit problem with T-238+ Modem



I built the T-238+ Kit with Modem and have it connected to my one wire wx
system.  Basically, everything appears to be working, but I am not seeing
data on the FindU site and do not receive APRS WX data on my Kenwood
TH-D7A(G) handheld.


I have tried transmitting through a TH-K2 and TH-D7A(G).   I can hear the
packet go out and received on my radios, but do not see the data.  I can see
the waveform on a scope.  The amplitude set almost full on the tx output.


I have the UART/Display options set for 5-min avg (modem)


I have the Position String and Modem Setup set

4202.877N 9134.466W

MyCall Sign AC0HB - 1

Repeater 1 AC0HB - 1

Repeater 2 AC0HB-1


Not sure what the correct settings should be or whether they have an effect
on this problem.  It appears that the data string is not set correctly, but
I don't know how to verify it.


Any suggestions?



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