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[wxsig] T238(+) 1.16.1 Firmware release

Ken.A.Brown at noaa.gov Ken.A.Brown at noaa.gov
Sun Apr 12 00:17:02 UTC 2009

In addition to my operational weather station (n5kuk) I have a bench
test unit with a very original Dallas wind sensor and a Bray barometer.
I'll load the new firmware and see how it works when I get the chance.
Ken Brown

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From: William Beals <will at beals5.com>
Date: Saturday, April 11, 2009 6:57 pm
Subject: [wxsig] T238(+) 1.16.1 Firmware release
To: 'TAPR Weather Station SIG Mailing List' <wxsig at tapr.org>

> Folks:
> I have just posted the Rev 1.16.1 firmware release on the website
> (
> This release is the first one to incorporate support for the new AAG TAI603
> weather head.  It also contains some other updates for special WIDEn-n
> features that I had never released before.
> It has been a long time since I'd done any major coding for the weather
> station!  I am the first to admit that I have not done a lot of regression
> testing on this release as my station has been down for a while, so unless
> you have one of the new weather sensors, I'd hold off on jumping on this
> release just yet.  If you do have one of the new weather sensors 
> please do
> download it and provide feedback.  
> Restarting work on this code is my impetus for getting my weather 
> station up
> and running again.  Hopefully I can get it up within a week.  After some
> more regression testing of my own, I'll let you know how the code is doing
> and how stable it is.
> Of course, if there are adventurous soles out there who just want to test
> the new code for the fun of it and report issues, I'll take that too!
> Known issues with this release:
> 1) If the TAI603 gets unplugged, I don't report errors, I report 0C.  
> Not
> sure how to fix this yet.
> 2) I did lock up the TAI603 once, but so far only once and unplugging 
> it
> fixed it.
> 3) Other than #1, I have not seen any erroneous data reported, so looking
> good.
> 4) There are a significant number of communication errors logged (see
> earlier review)
> 4a) With some more work, I hope I can reduced the number of errors with
> more/smarter retries.
> will
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