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[wxsig] T238(+) 1.16.1 Firmware release

William Beals will at beals5.com
Tue Apr 14 00:54:41 UTC 2009


The special WIDEn-n feature was actually from a request from Mr. APRS
himself.  He made the request a long time ago, I got it implemented, but had
a detail question he didn't reply to (and I didn't pester him for an
answer), and I ended up moving on to other things.  I can't even remember
the detail question anymore!

The purpose of the feature is to reduce overall APRS network bandwidth yet
still provide decent coverage, emphasizing better coverage locally, but
still provide long range coverage though less frequently.  The root issue is
the over-success of WIDEn-n repeaters, where a signal getting hopped three
times for example can end up covering huge territories.  In many areas, folk
are being asked to reduce the number or try to use more detailed paths, but
this request tries to still get that wide coverage, but doing so less

The WIDE121212 simply alternates between WIDE1-1 and WIDE2-2 between
transmissions.  Local folk will get every transmission while folk requiring
two hops will see every other transmission

The WIDE121213 is a further extension of that idea, but every sixth
transmission being WIDE3-3.

I'm paraphrasing the explanation I received several years ago, but it made a
lot of sense, enough that I remember it quite well.  I really should have
released that code back when I first finished it!

Lemme look into the altitude info support.  I do remember getting the
question at some point in the past, but can't remember if it was a "round
tuit" I never got to or there was a technical issue.


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Hi Will:

Could you provide some detail concerning the new "special WIDEn-n features"?

Have you ever considered allowing for the user to enter their altitude for 
transmission in the APRS packet? Altitude is very interesting information 
when observing weather data.

Thanks for the firmware work concerning the new AAG weather head.

Scott - N0LNE

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Subject: [wxsig] T238(+) 1.16.1 Firmware release

> Folks:
> I have just posted the Rev 1.16.1 firmware release on the website
> (http://www.beals5.com/wx).
> This release is the first one to incorporate support for the new AAG 
> TAI603
> weather head.  It also contains some other updates for special WIDEn-n
> features that I had never released before.
> It has been a long time since I'd done any major coding for the weather
> station!  I am the first to admit that I have not done a lot of regression
> testing on this release as my station has been down for a while, so unless
> you have one of the new weather sensors, I'd hold off on jumping on this
> release just yet.  If you do have one of the new weather sensors please do
> download it and provide feedback.
> Restarting work on this code is my impetus for getting my weather station 
> up
> and running again.  Hopefully I can get it up within a week.  After some
> more regression testing of my own, I'll let you know how the code is doing
> and how stable it is.
> Of course, if there are adventurous soles out there who just want to test
> the new code for the fun of it and report issues, I'll take that too!
> Known issues with this release:
> 1) If the TAI603 gets unplugged, I don't report errors, I report 0C.  Not
> sure how to fix this yet.
> 2) I did lock up the TAI603 once, but so far only once and unplugging it
> fixed it.
> 3) Other than #1, I have not seen any erroneous data reported, so looking
> good.
> 4) There are a significant number of communication errors logged (see
> earlier review)
> 4a) With some more work, I hope I can reduced the number of errors with
> more/smarter retries.
> will
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