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[wxsig] Problem with modem2 tx

pedro.motilla at ono.com pedro.motilla at ono.com
Tue Apr 28 21:01:42 UTC 2009

Hi people¡¡

First of all, i enjoyed very much with the kit, it is really cute and nice, just one frustrating thing:

I have a problem with tx. 

The motherboard has sw 1.15.4R

All the wxstn seems to work properly. (temp., communication with pc, menus, etc.)

The modem board seems to be correctly assembled. Components are (at least seems) to be ok.

All the tests from the manual are ok, only one gives a difference, but I think it is a mistake in the manual, it says that pin6 from modem2 should show 5V. Actually it shows 3,5 but I think is ok as far as 5 volts run trhought a led and i think it is normal a small voltage drop.

Tx happens, so Q100 should be ok.

The problem is that no audio gets out. When it is switched to tx, nothing is heard.

Tests has been done with 2 transceivers, Icom mk2g and ht Kenwood thf6, with 2 transceivers the same happens.

I changed the mx614p, but the problems does not fix.

The RV100, has been put on several positions and the problem is the same.

Just in case, I changed rx to tx pins (just to eliminate a wiring mistake).

Any idea?

Thanks in advance for help.

Best Regards.


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