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[wxsig] wxsig Digest, Vol 46, Issue 1

Bob Stricklin bstrick at n5brg.com
Sun Jan 18 15:37:31 UTC 2009


Have a look at http://www.edpcompany.com/sonaindex.html.
This company makes ultrasonic sensors and is probably after
automotive related applications mostly.

Tanners is an electronic surplus dealer in Farmers Branch, the Dallas 
area. They had some of the sensors like the one shown at the url given. 
I purchased one of them and had planed to use it to monitor the water 
level in a cattle watering tub. Still on my ToDo list though. I also 
thought I may be able to get a different signal when the water freezes. 
When ice forms I could turn on a heater. Cows drink about 40 gallons of 
water per day each so I have to keep an avilable water source.

As I recall the cost was about $12 to $20. The range is stated to be 6 
to 10 inches but other models are available. Tanners does not do mail 
order. However if you are interested I could try to get one for you and 
mail it to you. Tanners typically has a limited inventory of items like 
this and when they are gone there gone. I purchased the one I have about 
a year ago. You may also want to talk with the manufacture.

Another application I have wanted to tackel is to place one of these on 
my garage wall and turn on an LED when my car was at the ideal park 

I think your application is a good one and interesting. You may be able 
to get different signatures of sound for different types of snow. You 
may also be able to see it snowing with ultrasonics. The resolution of 
the ultrasonic system design will drive the capabilty to do these things.

73, Bob N5BRG

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