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[wxsig] T238+ Sensor Setup

Michael Dzado m.dzado at mchsi.com
Sun Mar 1 16:17:04 UTC 2009

Now that you mention it, I have had problems with the pressure sensor too.
I purchased 2 B1-R1-K Barometer kits from
http://www.hobby-boards.com/catalog/main_page.php .  I built one and had the
other built by Eric at Hobby-Boards.  I tested them both with the 1-Wire
Viewer mentioned on his website.  Both work on the PC, but when I connect
them to the T238+ they always read 28.23 +/ .1 inches.  I haven't taken the
time to pursue this any further.  


So, to answer your question from my point of view.  I haven't got one
working yet.



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