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[wxsig] Problem with modem2 tx

pedro.motilla at ono.com pedro.motilla at ono.com
Mon May 4 20:17:01 UTC 2009

Hi friends:

Last Friday I could not test the wxstn at my radio-club, as there were some issues to fix.

So I will have to wait until next next Friday to do the  tests. :-(

Meanwhile, I have attached the wiring scheme i use,  just in order you boys  to check if there is any mistake, also, i attach the packet socket from the ICOM706MKIIG I use. Is not the multi connector for accesory, but the packet socket. That way i can still use the other connector for example to rtty, psk31, or any other mode operation, and have the wxstn ready to work without plugging and umplugging connectors.

As hardware config, on ICOM, i choosed on set mode (29 menu), the option 1200 bps (the Icom 709 is supposed to be ready for 9600 bps operation)

Any other suggestion is welcome.



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