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[wxsig] Whither DS1994L?

William Beals will at beals5.com
Sat May 16 02:40:39 UTC 2009


I've been busy protesting home land valuations the past three days, a
bi-annual ritual here in Colorado!  Let me look up the DS1994L and see if
Dallas/Maxim did "the right thing" and made the DS1904L backwards-compatible
with the original DS1994--at least within the context that I care about.


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Hi all,

 	So I've had my T238+ for a while no, and finally have come around 
to giving it a good home (more like a recycled junction box).  I've been 
following discussions on and of for a year now, and decided to take the 
plunge with the X1W kits as well.  (too bad one of the kits is no longer 

 	So here's the question:  I tracked down the discussion related to 
the DS1994L.  Now, just the other day I thought I had seen several hundred
available on the Maxim shop.  Oh goodie I thought.  The next day...oh no, 
no longer made.  Alright, I guess I was dreaming!  So now it looks like 
the 1904L is it.  I caught a thread fragment on this SIG about maybe 
possibly supporting the successor device.  This still on track?



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