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[wxsig] SOurce for 1-wire sensors these days

Will sbm at ottix.net
Sun Nov 15 22:09:03 UTC 2009

Hi folks,
 	Been a while since I last saw a post on this SIG, so I thought I'd 
ask a question here.  I've been toiling with my X1W-1 board (looks like a 
bad part someplace) and got to thinking again about 1-Wire weather sesnors 
and instruments.  I mosied on over to the AAG Electronica website, and 
after going through both Firefox (and IE) I could not find some of the 
sensors that I bought a ways back.

 	So question to everyone on the SIG:  Anyone seen other places that 
sell 1-Wire weather components, compatible to not just the X1W-1 (and 
friends) but also with the T238+?



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